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HD Intelligent Solar CCTV Camera


  • 1. The product uses battery + solar power supply, IP66 high waterproof rating, no wiring and maintenance-free.
  • 2. Suitable for all kinds of inconvenient outdoor environment uses, villas, communities, courtyards, fishponds, orchards, vegetable plots, outdoor pet houses, etc.
  • 3. The sensitive PIR human body sensor alarm, you can remotely wake up the device at any time in the 4G network.
  • 4. HD 1080P image quality can watch and record high-definition video, clearer monitoring details.
  • 5. One day of sunshine keeps the camera running for several days. This unparalleled performance is achieved through 6 18650 batteries (built-in), 8W solar panels and smart standby mode. The 6 batteries are more durable.
  • 6. Ultra-low power consumption and long standby time. Intelligent energy-saving function, with solar charging function, maintenance-free equipment throughout the year, practical and environmentally friendly.
  • 7. Connect to the network by inserting a 4G SIM card and place it anywhere around your house without power. Access instant video and audio streams anytime, anywhere.
  • 8. IP66 is waterproof and moisture-proof. It can obtain energy from the light even in rainy days, extending battery life. Don’t worry about the bad weather outside the door.
  • 9. Insert a memory card (not included) to watch video playback. By running out of memory card space, the video loop will automatically overwrite the oldest video file.
  • 10. Support two-way intercom and remote monitoring. Built-in MIC and speaker, users can monitor through mobile phone app, and can realize real-time remote video voice intercom.
  • 11. PIR + radar dual induction, when it is found that someone breaks into the monitoring area, the camera will be able to take pictures, and actively push the alarm information to the user’s mobile phone.
  • 12. 4 white lights + 2 infrared lights, you can get clear quality images at night, night vision distance up to 15m / 49.2ft.
  • 13. Users can add multiple cameras to monitor multiple devices, or multiple users can monitor cameras at the same time.
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