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Solar Inverter Battery Solutions

The Solar Power industry is moving towards Battery Storage. With battery storage technology, any excess electricity your panels create can safely be stored for use when the sun goes down. Battery storage solutions are offered with monitoring to ensure each household can maximise their savings.

Home solar batteries are quickly emerging as one of the best options for emergency home energy backup. With solar power batteries comes the ability to keep the lights on when we need them most, tap into solar power at night, and take greater control over home power.

Why Choosing Femtech Solar?

With Femtech Solar, be guaranteed of 100% quality and affordable installations, with the best advice from our Experienced & Learned team members.


We provide quality and sustainable solar system for your homes and offices.

Project on time

We always meet up with agreed timeline, ensuring your Solar projects are running as agreed .

Modern Tech

With our new technological gadgets and equipment, you can always expect the best!

Latest Design

We always utilize the latest design for your solar projects, expect the best anytime!